PPC Management

PPC Management Services

If you want to gain quick attention from your potential customers then PPC or paid search marketing is exactly what you are looking for. Expertly handled pay-per-click marketing is economical and generates high returns on your investment.

Our paid search staff is well-trained and knows exactly how to spread your message to masses. We are the best when it comes to PPC management in Dubai. SEO, PPC, and other internet marketing strategies work well together and bring in huge profits before you get your organic search engine rankings. Paid search can help you strengthen your existing customer relationships and also attract new ones.

Keyword Research:

The very first thing required for the implementation of SEO, PPC and other search marketing strategies is finding the most commonly used keywords by your target customers, while looking up for your products and services. Through our pay per click services, we ensure your success online by providing you the best selection of keywords. These keywords are taken from diverse sources including but not restricted to website copy, search engine tools, and competitive reviews. Broad match, exact match, phrase match, and negative match types are used to make certain that relevant queries get utmost limelight. After the keywords go through the testing process they are ranked under the following categories:

  • High performance keywords
  • Medium performance keywords
  • Average performance keywords

Competitive Analysis:

Our PPC services team performs a careful competitive analysis before determining the appropriate keywords for you. The competitive analysis determines the activities and weaknesses of your competitors and helps you develop strategies to improve your rankings.

Sponsored Search Ads:

Pay-per-click advertisements are the sponsored links that are displayed on top of or to the right of the organic search results. With PPC, instant online visibility is possible. Our marketing professionals successfully execute such a promotion at cheaper rates and can also blend in SEO, PPC and other strategies to boost your revenues.

Contextual Advertising:

Through this strategy we locate your messages on appropriate sites. Contextual advertising allows featuring advertisements within a website.


We study your website analytics in great detail, taking into account important factors and data to check if there is any need for changes. We do the primary setup and then provide our expert suggestions for developing your PPC campaign.

Key Performance Indicators or KPI:

We at SEO Services Dubai send you the monthly progress of your PPC campaign. You are provided an in-depth description of your website’s key performance indicators.


Our paid search team analyzes the data collected on a daily basis to identify the need for early improvements. With the refined PPC reporting the data can now be broken down to simplify the evaluation process.

On the basis of our report you can have a good idea about keywords, ad variations, ad groups, campaigns and all other metrics important for the business. You can learn about different opportunities and ways to expand and scale your Per-Per-Click campaign.


Once keywords have been evaluated, suitable bid levels are decided. Bids for each keyword are specified depending on the performance so that the amount spent on them is justified and there is a positive ROI.